Straight teeth are of prime importance for good oral health. The smile is attractive when there is good occlusion. The aim of an orthodontic treatment is to move misaligned teeth in proper direction to improve alignment and hence occlusion. Invisalign has been a groundbreaking treatment technique in the field of orthodontics which has helped dental professional create good-looking smiles. The system revolutionized dentistry by introducing invisible alternatives to thick metal braces. A product of Align Technology, Invisalign system is offered by trained providers. Dr. Hasken is a certified Invisalign professional in the city of McHenry, IL. Our treatment has beautified smiles of many patients in the city and surrounding communities. If you are unhappy with your smile, make an appointment and meet Dr. Hasken. We have a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to reshape your teeth and give you a smile makeover.

Malocclusion and Invisalign

The way in which upper and lower teeth come together in a bite is called occlusion. When there is variation in the normal position of teeth there is misalignment and the condition is called malocclusion. This can affect the oral health and make the smile less interesting. When teeth are misaligned, the patient may find it difficult to maintain oral hygiene since all the nooks and corners of teeth are not easily accessible to cleaning appliances. This can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. There may be teeth wear and reduced chewing efficiency when compared to people with good occlusion. Orthodontic treatment is aimed at correcting teeth errors to improve alignment. Orthodontic appliances move teeth in a planned direction to bring about the changes.

Not all cases of malocclusion are treatable by Invisalign system. The aligners work wonderfully in cases that are less complex. Invisalign can move teeth in different types of malocclusion cases where the movement is less than about 5 mm.

Invisalign – The aligners and treatment

Invisalign system of aligners are made of BPA free plastic. They are custom-made to suit the needs of every patient. They are fabricated in the lab using state-of-the-art technology to highest-level precision. The removable aligners are comfortable to wear. Maintaining oral hygiene is easy when living with Invisalign since the aligners are removable. The treatment period may differ from 12 months to 24 months depending on the complexity of the case.

Your first consultation will involve oral check-up. Our dentist may treat decayed tooth before recommending Invisalign. Impressions of teeth are taken and a 3D digital model of treatment plan is prepared. The dentist maps the treatment plan and explains to patient. A preview of the expected results is shown to patients. On approval, a series of aligners are fabricated in the lab. Each pair of aligners should be worn for about two weeks. Patients should visit our McHenry office once in 6 weeks to check the progress of the Invisalign treatment. On successful completion of the treatment, patients can see the transformation in their smile.

Dental Braces

The way the teeth in upper jaw come together with the teeth in lower jaw in a bite has an impact on the oral health of the person. This is called occlusion. When there are deviations in the way the upper and lower teeth come together, the condition is called malocclusion or a bad bite. The dental science that involves study of bite and teeth positions is called orthodontics. An orthodontic treatment involves use of appliances and tools to correct the bad bite. Dental braces are one of the most effective tools in curing bite related problems. They work wonderfully by moving the teeth in desired direction to improve the alignment. Dr. Hasken sets the treatment plan to move teeth using dental braces. Our orthodontic treatments have been successful in creating healthy smiles for patients who visit us from different parts of McHenry, Crystal Lake and other nearby cities.

Malocclusion and oral health

Malocclusion is any condition where there is deviation from the normal way of upper and lower teeth coming together. This can result in cross bite, open bite, crowding and other orthodontic complexities. These conditions can have long-term impact on oral health. Firstly, it may become difficult to maintain oral hygiene since there all the edges of the teeth may not be easily accessible when brushing teeth. This can increase the chances of dental infection. There can be increased teeth wear because of imbalance in bite forces. The teeth may loosen on a longer run which may lead to teeth loss. The smile may be less attractive because of malocclusion. Dental braces are designed to move the teeth in proper direction to bring about the necessary changes in their alignment.

Dental braces – Treatment

The treatment using dental braces requires thorough oral examination. Dr. Hasken may take impressions of teeth and 3D scan if necessary to set a proper treatment plan to move teeth in the proper direction. Any infectious condition may be taken care of before starting the treatment. The application of dental braces over teeth can be done using bonding agents. The braces have brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed over the teeth using bonding agents and the wires are fit within the brackets carefully such that they are in tension mode. The wires move the teeth in desired direction to improve alignment. After every 6 weeks or so, the patient may have to visit the dentist to tighten the wires. Over a period of 18-36 months the teeth are moved to come in proper alignment. Dr. Hasken may use retainers after the treatment just to make sure that the teeth do not come back in position.

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