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Tooth loss from gum (periodontal) disease is one of the three main reasons for tooth loss in adults. It is caused by the body’s response to the bacteria in the mouth. The supporting structure of the teeth plays a key role of providing stability and protecting teeth from infection. The gums and bone are the supporting structures for the teeth. which can become infected. Gum diseases can gradually deteriorate oral health and can lead to teeth loss. Bleeding and swelling of gums are some of the common indicators of gum diseases. When gums bleed it also allows for easy access of the bacteria within the mouth to travel elsewhere in your body creating greater risk for strokes, heart attacks and inflammation within the entire body. At our dental office, Dr. Hasken and his hygiene team use the Dental Fitness Exam as a way to assess the gum and bone health as well as risk for systemic impact on the entire body. Through our conservative periodontal treatment in McHenry, we have successfully crafted healthy smiles in many of our patients in the city. We also have patients who visit us from Crystal Lake and surrounding communities.

Gum diseases
What really happens?

Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria which forms over teeth surface. When plaque accumulates over the surface of the teeth, around the gums, the bacteria start to irritate the soft tissues. This is the beginning of infection. The gums may become soft and the patient may notice bleeding when brushing teeth. This stage of inflammation is medically termed as gingivitis. If left untreated, the problem may advance to become periodontitis, where the infection has spread to the bone that supports the teeth. In the second stage of infection, the bacteria make their way through gums, separating the sealed soft tissues from the teeth to form pockets. This stage is called the periodontitis. If not treated in time, the bacteria can advance deeper and infect the bone and root of tooth. Wherever there is bleeding from the gums, there are chances of the impact of the infection spreading to other parts of the body as well.

Periodontal disease treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease requires knowledge, experience and skills. Dr. Hasken will firstly makes a note of the symptoms, identify any risk factors and uses the Dental Fitness Exam to check the status of gums. This process is a very patient friendly tool to assess the major parameter of gum health such as the presence of plaque, bleeding and bone height around the teeth. Based on the findings from the examination, the patient, Dr. Hasken, and his hygiene team will develop a treatment plan.
Scaling and root planing is among the procedures followed to treat gum diseases. The process involves removal of hardened tarter from the teeth surface above and below the gum-line. The hygienist performs the procedure with a focus on patient comfort with several different options available of local anesthesia. The success of the procedure depends on the patient, hygienist and Dr. Hasken working as a team to keep bacteria levels very low. We reassess progress after treatment to make sure we are getting the desired result. We have the ability to test for specific bacteria using cutting edge oral DNA testing, the OraVital test. Since the disease is not cured but kept under control, patient involvement is crucial role in the success of treatment.

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